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Monday, June 22, 2015

I'm so happy I don't even know what to put as the title lol‏


But I'm struggling to put all of my thoughts together in my brain to form sentences to help you truly understand the goodness of this week.. so bear with me.

So on Wednesday, we had zone training. It was so perfect - it's weird, every training or meeting always addresses the needs of our companionship or area... it's like it was inspired..

Lol it is. It always is.

It was all about keeping the Sabbath Day holy and church attendance, which is the biggest struggle. Helping people come to church has been the hardest thing so far. We haven't been able to get one investigator to church, and we have more less-actives than actives right now. But! We're working real hard, and we were reminded of our vital it is to teach with and be led by the Spirit. 

Our zone leader ended the training by asking all of us why we were serving a mission, or who were we serving for. With so much power, he bore the strongest testimony. He told us that if we weren't serving for God, we needed to right now. He asked us to make the commitment, right there in that room. He said that there's no time to waste - there's no time to be selfish and there's no time to serve anyone other than God. The Spirit was tangible in that room.

To keep that Spirit going, we were all able to go to the temple on Friday. The peace and comfort I felt in the temple is something I can't describe, but something I really needed. It was the biggest blessing, to be able to step inside the Lord's house again. I was reminded of who I was serving my mission for. I gained so much strength and energy, I was ready for anything, and I knew God was with me.

As a zone, we were committed to try and find two new investigators a week. The commitments given by our zone leaders are always really inspired because we know they went to God first before extending the commitment to the zone. 

Well, we decided to do all we could to achieve this, but somehow, we found two new investigators without even looking! We met with two families who happened to have a friend over who both happppened to be interested. Inspired? Yes. It was crazy.

The best part of the entire week was yesterday... I about died.

So we've been working with this awesome mom, Esmerelda. She has two little boys, Leo and Jose. We found her family while we were trying to find someone else, actually. We were walking down the street, when this really strong feeling came over me to go and talk to this woman. I can tell you that was the Spirit because walking up to random people and speaking Spanish is still scary to me haha but we did it, and she was so cool! She welcomed us back to her house, and we have been visiting her ever since. She asks some of the best questions. She honestly just wants to do what is right for her and her family, it's really sweet. But she hasn't been coming to church. As we bore testimony to her of the reality of God, the truthfulness of this gospel, and the importance of church, she told us, "Yo quiero asistir, pero no puedo!" "I want to attend but I can't!" We prayerfully searched for a ride for her for a couple weeks, and found members who were willing, but Esmerelda never showed up at church, something always held her back. 

This last Saturday we met with her again, and simply bore a pure testimony to her and left it at that. We felt inspired that a pure testimony would help her find a way to come.

On Sunday morning, we double-checked with her ride, and just prayed with everything we had that she would come. Driving to church, I wasn't sure if she would actually pull through. But I had faith in God, that He would provide a way, He ALWAYS does!

As we were singing the sacrament hymn, I turned around and saw Esmerelda and her two sons sitting in the back of the chapel. She smiled and waved, and I honestly about died. I turned to Hermana Grubbs and said, "Hermana, she's here!" She was like, "WHAT. Shut up." hahah she turned around and saw her, and we both just started to laughing crying. A mix of both. It was pure happiness, I can't even describe the joy that came over me. God provided a way! Again! He's so amazing!

It may not seem like much, but she came to church, which means she's just one step closer to the joy that is this gospel. She's one step closer to eternal happiness. Ah my heart :)

All in all, this week was so good. I love my Heavenly Father. I love my Savior. I love the feelings that come through the Holy Ghost.

This gospel is true. I know it with my whole heart.

I LOVE LIFE. Missionary work is the best ever.


Hermana Brie Gould

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