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Monday, May 30, 2016


I actually can't believe it's already Monday again AND it's already almost June. For all of you missionaries counting the weeks and the months and the transfers.... stooppppp. Because you'll get to a point when you realize that you only have 8 weeks left in the mission LIKE ME AND THEN YOU'LL FREAK OUT. But no, like I'm good, I'm accepting it. This mission has been the best decision I have ever made, and I know it won't stop when the tag comes off. There's more and more just waiting for me :) But honestly, stop counting the days. Just stop.

Ok HI EVERYONE! What an amazing week!!!! I don't know what's happening, but seriously ever day lately has been so incredible. We are both just exhausted today - our week was packed.

So let me tell you about some miracles.

1. Camila. Camila is Bertha's 9 year old daughter. She is the cutest little human I have ever met. We haven't been focusing too much on her only because we've been mainly teaching her mom, but I had this feeling that maybe we should turn our attention to Camila for a bit. She comes to church and the activities during the week, and she loves it! So we left her a children's BOM with some treats on her doorstep like a week and a half ago, and then this last Monday, as we were sitting down to teach Bertha, I asked Camila if she had gotten our gift! She said she had! And that she loved it. She pulled it out and showed me how much she had read. She read 26 chapters... 26 CHAPTERS. In a week!!! She said she had taken the book to school with her to read! Not only did she read so much, she remembered EVERYTHING. She told us about Lehi's vision, the conversion story of Alma the Younger, the baptisms of over 200 people in the waters of Mormon, the preaching of Abinidi and his encounter with King Noah... I was so blown away. I couldn't even hide my excitement. Later on in the week, we watched the Testaments with her, and I wish you could've seen her reactions! She just exclaimed, "This movie is so cool!" She bore such a powerful, simple testimony of her Savior... she said that she wants to be like him, that she wants to follow him, and that she wants to help her family follow him as well. ISN'T SHE SO COOL.

2. Jacqueline&Roberto. So this couple is my favorite. I talked about them in my last email, but they are both just progressing so amazingly. It's so cool. This week we were able to have a lesson with President Hemmingsen, the stake president. My goodness, it was so powerful. We had gone to a baptism on Saturday and as he was bearing his testimony, I felt strongly that he needed to come with us to visit Jackie and Roberto. He said that he would love to! The lesson was so good. Jackie still doesn't have a date for baptism, but she said that her goal is to be baptized and be sealed to her family in the temple. She said that although she still has a lot of questions, she has more faith now than ever before in her life. We have so much hope for them!!

3. Talking to everyone. So a huge focus in the mission has been talking to everyone, no matter who it is! We've made a huge effort lately to make sure we talked to everyone who was put into our path. We saw some incredible things! First, we were walking to our car after a lesson, and I saw a couple walking with their family to the park. I was about to go talk to the husband, when I felt I should cross the street and talk to the wife. Well as we start talking, she says, "You know, I was actually baptized into this church like 5 years ago. I haven't gone in forever. Now that i have a family, I think it's about time we go back." WHAT! Second, we went to go try a former investigator, but when she wasn't home, we tried her neighbor. This super nice lady, Fransisca, opened the door and started talking to us! She instantly told us she was verrry much Catholic, BUT she kept talking to us! Turns out, her son had been taught by missionaries about a year or so ago. She even knew where the Book of Mormon was in her house. We tstified of the Restoration and how the Book of Mormon answers the questions of our soul. That morning I had made a list of all of the different questions and answers found in the Book of Mormon. I took it out and gave it to her. She then said, "I'll read all of these! I'm actually really interested. You can come back too, whenever you have time..." WHAT! Third, we went to go try a potential, but turns out, they don't live there. BUT! We asked the boy who lived there for some referrals! He gave us one for a lady named Juana. We contacted her immediately. She was super friendly and instantly let us in. She too said that she was verrrry Testigos de Jehova, but I don't know... she didn't act like it. LOL! She told us that when she was younger, she remembered having the missionaries over to teach her family! WHAT! We taught her the Restoration and it was so powerful. She took the Book of Mormon and said that she would read it :)

SO many cool miracles, right?! Life is so good!

I love you all so much!!


Hermana Brie Gould

Monday, May 23, 2016

Broken back won't get me down‏

So you are probably sick of me saying this, but... THIS WEEK WAS SO AMAZING. WE SAW SO MANY MIRACLES.

Maybe it's just because I'm a missionary, but I am able to recognize now just how many miracles happen every day. It's seriously incredible.

Quick side-note though. Sister Gould was out of commission this week for about a day and a half. We had zone Olympics on Thursday, and of courrrseee I participated! I won the basketball competition actually, believe it or not. But with all the strain to my already-weak back, I woke up Friday not being able to walk at all. With several hours of no-movement and ice packs on my back and thighs, I was able to walk a little bit so we could make it to our branch Family Home Evening on Friday night. I was able to hobble around on Saturday as well, with the help of a priesthood blessing from the elders. Yesterday, I visited a brother in our stake who's a chiropractor, so he was able to bring some relief. But YEAH. So that's my life right now!

BUT HEY, BESIDES ALL THAT, God is so good and we had some of the coolest miracles ever this week.

We got to go on exchanges with the Omaha sisters this week! When I was serving there, we had an investigator who just wasn't progressing atttt aaallllll. She had so much potential, and so it was frustrating that she wasn't progressing! Her name is Eduimar :) So yeah, every time we tried to visit her, she just looked so sick and so tired and just so sad. When I first met her, I remember her telling us that she wanted to be a mom so bad. She wanted a family, but doctors had told her that she just couldn't have children. This caused a lot of distress in her life. She dealt with depression because of it. She loved the gospel of Jesus Christ, though, especially the power found within the temples. But she just never could progress. It was so hard.

So fast forward. In Omaha, I got this feeling that we should go visit Eduimar. I didn't know why, and I honestly doubted she wouldn't let us in. Wellll heeeyyy I was wrong!

She let us in AND SHE LOOKED SO HAPPY. I was like, "Hermana, what happened! How are you!" And she grabbed my arm and with tears in her eyes, she said, "Hermana! I had a baby!"

I swear time stopped for like 5.6 minutes.

I just stared at her and with tears of my own, I asked,"Hermana, are you kidding me?" No she wasn't joking! God had blessed her with a beautiful baby boy! She didn't even know she was pregnant until after I got transferred so all those times she was too sick and sad to let us in was because she was pregnant!

Oh my gosh, I about passed out.

She told us that she was ready to start again and to come to church and to unite her family forever in the temple.


He is so aware of all of us. EVERY single one of His children! He knows our needs and He knows our wants and our desires. He will bless those who are faithful and who ENDURE. My goodness, such a special moment for me and her. I am so grateful I was on exchanges and had that prompting to go visit her.

The second miracle was with Jacqueline and Roberto. To keep this story short, we ended up going to breakfast with one of our investigators after a doctor's appointment that I translated for. As we were walking out, we saw Roberto and his wife! 

Background story: our branch president is so faithful - he is the ONLY active member in his entire family. Recently one of his sons has come back really strong, but the rest? Nope. Including his wife. It's so hard for him, yet he magnifies his calling without complaints. My dream is to bring back all of his family!!! Or at least start the process :) So his oldest son, Roberto, moved here from Chicago with his wife, Jackie. President Lagunas asked the missionaries to focus on him, so we honestly had to fight with the elders to choose who got to teach them. 

Well when we saw them walk in, we figured... WE WON.

So we set up and appointment for the next day and taught them the message of the Restoration. The Spirit was so strong - it was one of the most powerful lessons I have ever been in. Both are so ready - he's ready to come back to church and she is ready to be baptized. Both mentioned that they have been feeling a strong need to read the Book of Mormon and come to church. They want to unite their family and be strong members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They want to change. We testified powerfully and lovingly that nobody is too far gone and that God is no respecter of persons. We met with them again later on in the week, both of them having read the Book of Mormon in between the lessons, being so prepared to learn and to change. And yesterday, they both came to church. WHICH APPARENTLY WAS HUGE.

I just have zero words. 

I will never not believe in God, you wanna know why? Because things like THIS ^ happen EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yeah, this life is hard. Sure, it's unfair sometimes. But more than anything, God is real, and He loves us so much. So so much.


Hermana Brie Gould

pictures: That one time we posed for a magazine.. lol, exchanges with my bffs, & zone Olympics!

Monday, May 16, 2016

You are enough‏


I just have a couple of cool experiences to share with you all, enjoy.

A week ago today, last P-day, we were in Walmart buying our groceries. We got in line to pay, and I purposefully chose the line with a mom and her daughter who looked Hispanic... work don't stop on P-days everyone. 

This little girl though hahah she just stared at us with the evil death glare and started pushing our cart away while saying, "No.. no....!" Hahah it was hilarious. She kept doing that "I'm watching you" sign with her hands at us! We started giving it back to her and eventually we were just laughing. The mom noticed what was going on so we started talking to her! They just recently moved here from Kentucky and she told us she'd love for us to come visit! PERFECT.

So fast forward 2 days. Nightly planning for Wednesday. We decided to go to some contacting in Walmart and try and find some new people to teach! We also planned a couple former investigators and less actives later that night in the same part of town.

Wednesday afternoon, we walked into Walmart, looking for pretty much anyone who spoke Spanish haha well the first lady I saw was walking with her son, so I turned to Hermana Villarreal, "Let's go talk to her!"

We started up a conversation and when she told us her name, I was like, "...HOLD UP."

THIS LADY WAS A FORMER INVESTIGATOR WE WERE PLANNING ON VISITING THAT SAME DAY. I had never met her before in my life, I had just read her name on a teaching record. And she was the first person we talked to!!!!!

Planning, everyone. Miracles.

Stuff like that happens all the time, like just 2 hours ago we were at the doctor's, translating for our investigator, and we ran into another former investigator who we hadn't seen in weeks.


The last thing: We had our day all planned out - Thursday, I believe - but as we were driving to another house, I had the strongest impression to go visit a potential we hadn't been able to get in with yet, Danida. I have been wanting to teach her because her story is amazing! There's a story in her family that has been passed down from generation to generation that Christ came to the Americas. #bookofmormon 

But she works allllll the time. WELL. NOT THAT DAY, EVERYONE. We taught her the message of the Restoration on her front porch, and I can't even accurately explain how perfect it was. Even before we taught about the Great Apostasy, she was like, "I truly believe that the teachings of Christ were changed after he was killed, that's why there are so many churches with different doctrine." UM YES ACTUALLY.

She about flipped when we gave her the Book of Mormon. When she gave the closing prayer, she prayed that she would find the truth and pleaded with the Father to know if our message was true.

We both cried when we got in the car.

I've spent this week thinking about who I am and who I am becoming. There are things that are hard for me to do as a missionary, like tracting for example. But when that voice of negativity and doubt are pushed away, I can hear that gentle yet powerful reminder, "You are enough." You are enough. You don't have to be perfect, I don't have to be perfect. As we try, as we work, as we have faith... we will grow. 

God cares more about the direction of our progress than our speed.


Hermana Brie Gould

pictures: FIESSTAAA! also we found some bunnies while tracting... you really don't see that every day

Monday, May 9, 2016


So... some crazy stuff happened to the Nebraska Omaha Mission this week........

I got released as a Sister Training Leader :( so sad. BUT NOW I AM A TRAINER! WOOO!!! I will be training until the end of my mission here in Sioux City! Can you say "two area missionary"? HOLLA. I love this place. It's so special.

But get this... my companion IS THE MOST AMAZING HUMAN. Her name is Hermana Villarreal, and she is from Mexico! Like born & raised, doesn't know any English... so Spanish 24/7 here! I'm so excited to not only practice my Spanish and perfect it, but I also get to teach a native speaker English! Such a cool opportunity!

She is the most diligent missionary. She didn't go to the MTC (I don't know why...), but she already knows how to be a missionary, she's so amazing. She was baptized at 17 years old and has been strong and faithful ever since. I'm so blessed!

This email will be short mainly because this last week was filled with packing up Sister Castagnola's stuff and saying goodbye to one of my best friends... and unpacking Hermana Villarreal's stuff and saying HELLOOOO! Hahaha

Bertha came to church again yesterday! She is so amazing and she is progressing so well. Her daughter, Camilah, loves church and loves being with all of the primary kids. It's so cool to see how much of a change has taken place in this family. We also had 8 returning members at church, it was so special. Such an amazing Sunday yesterday. Plus being able to see my family was great! I LOVE THOSE HUMANS.

Well, I just have a little quote to share with you all today:

"All that we suffer and all that we endure, especially when we endure it patiently, purifies our hearts and makes us more tender and more charitable, and it is through toil and tribulation that we gain the education which will make us more like our Father and Mother in heaven." - Elder Orson F. Whitney

I've experienced a lot of different things here on my mission. A lot of pain and heartache, but a lot of joy and peace as well. I know that God has been with me every step of the way. This church is true, everyone. With the changes this last week, I have felt so out of my comfort zone, but when I stepped into the chapel yesterday, I was overwhelmed. No matter the changes that happen in our lives, the church will continue always to be true. This gives me so much comfort.

I love you all.


Hermana Brie Gould

pics: Beautiful Iowa, my new comp!. and my craaaazy family lol

Monday, May 2, 2016

You're welcome mom :)‏

My mom always asks me for more pictures... so that's what you get this week!

And because my email last week was like an actual novel and it took me the whole hour to write (I got really good at multitasking last week), this one will be just a little shorter lol and with more pictures!


1. Yesterday at church, the Leal family, the cutest little couple who live about an hour and a half away (and still FAITHFULLY come to church every Sunday), motioned for the missionaries to come follow them down the hall of the church where they had two HUGE bags just full of groceries for us. Such a sweet, tender, perfect mercy.

2. We visited with Briana, our most solid investigator and like the cutest human ever, and we went over her reading in the Book of Mormon. When we asked her if she had prayed to know if it was true, she was like, "Well, honestly no... only because I already feel like it's true, like I already totally understand and believe it." As you can imagine, we sat there silent for about 36 seconds and then I opened my mouth and said the only thing I could think of, "Well, um, could you maybe pray just so you are for sure for sure?" HAHA she is so amazing.

3. We had a church tour with Bertha and her daughter Camila and it was so great! At the end, Bertha asked for a hymn book so she could study and learn the hymns. She also asked for the gospel principles book so she could study and come up with questions before class. She came to church yesterday with her daughter and just absolutely loved it. She is so amazing and so prepared! And to think we almost dropped her...

4. Hace mucho tiempo... I had a best friend named Alexis Mejia in elementary school. We lost contact and parted ways when we got into high school and college. When I got my mission call to the Nebraska Omaha Mission, I got a message from her saying that her family was from there! And that they were hispanic! #score. also #perfect. Well, to make this story short, because I am a Sister Training Leader I have the opportunity to go on exchanges in Omaha, though I am serving in Sioux City. So this last Thursday I was able to meet my childhood best friend's grandma and teach her the message of the Restoration and give her a Book of Mormon. It was the most special moment of my mission.

I LOVE MY LIFE. I am learning so so so so much and I am so happy! I have overcome my fears and my weaknesses, I have learned how to better love God and myself and those around me... I just am so grateful for my mission. I will never be the same!


Hermana Brie Gould

pictures: We went hiking last week in a little place called... Bacon Creek.