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Monday, July 27, 2015

Heart is changing‏

So I'm not comparing myself to the Grinch necessarily, but you know how his heart grows 3x it's size and it's painful because he feels like it's going to pop right out of his chest? I'm pretty sure that's happening... every day...

I was sitting in sacrament yesterday, looking at all of these amazing people who I've gotten to know in the last 3 and a half months, and my heart just swelled inside me, and I felt genuine love for each and every soul. THAT is what missionary does to you, it makes you LOVE PEOPLE and it's AWESOME.

Haha ok so. My week.

It was so good! Miracles just keep happening. I'm still amazed daily by God and His infinite power. He really does have control and when we try to align our will with His, miracles happen.

On Friday, we were invited to a Family Home Evening with one of my favorite families, the Rodriguez family! They are so great. We invited Joey and Dulce to come along - they totally did, it was the best - and they brought another friend. When we showed up at the house, I was a little freaked out because there were a lot more people than I expected, like I solid 20 people! Luckily, they were all gems. They were so loving and kind to our three friends, and they just welcomed them in. The Rodriguez' had asked us to prepare a lesson, so when we were planning, it was planned for a smaller setting. We really wanted to spirit to be present, because we all know the spirit is the best teacher. I felt strongly that we should still follow through with our lesson. We based it off of 3 Nephi 17, one of my favorite chapters of scripture, and we focused on the importance of having faith in our Savior and truly believing that he can heal us. The spirit was so tangible in that room, I know I say that a lot in my emails, but for real, it was. As we read from the scriptures and watched a couple videos, I felt like we should open it up to have a little testimony meeting. We sat in silence for a while, letting the spirit work, and as people opened up, I could really feel God's love filling the room. I love hearing people bear testimony because you can just see it in their eyes. It was amazing, so good. Great day.

Another great day was Sunday. Sundays are always the craziest days - we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Ridiculous. But I love it! Because I love being busy and having a purpose haha so after a meeting with the elders and our ward mission leader, we headed into the chapel to visit and greet people. And then suddenly, I saw someone walk in, who I didn't recognize at first, but as she got closer, I freaked out. It was Isela! She is an investigator we have been working with for months. We have been trying to help her get to church for the longest time! We hadn't been able to visit her the last couple weeks because we've just been so busy, so when I saw her walk into the chapel, I pretty much died. I ran to her and just hugged her and we embraced for the longest time. She had tears streaming down her face and she kept kissing my cheeks haha I was just like, "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" Guys... it was awesome. I would relive that moment over and over again. One of God's children was that much closer to Him. She came to church, and she was able to participate in the sacrament and feel the spirit and learn more about Him. Ah it was beautiful.

We also had Esmeralda and her two sons come to church, along with 4 other returning members! It was incredible! Seeing people coming back to church just makes my heart do that Grinch thing... expand to sizes too big for my chest to even handle. I love it.

Overall, God is good. I love life. I love that I am here, serving a mission. There is no where else I'd rather be. I love my companion. I love my area. I love my Savior. I love my Father in Heaven.

And, yes, I love you all too :)


Hermana Brie Gould

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