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Monday, November 2, 2015

Not going according to plan‏

So something that I've learned is that when things don't go according to plan, it only means that God has something else in store. It makes change a lot easier to deal with when you remember that there's an Almighty watching over you, guiding and directing you.

We had a day when absolutely nothing went according to plan, but we ended the night feeling satisfied with the work that was done. The Spirit let us know that what we had done that day was enough - that we had followed the Lord's plan, though in the moment of it all, we felt pretty hopeless. Wednesday afternoon, we headed up to Elkhorn for a district meetings. So much inspiration! I learned so much. We were ready to go afterwards! We finished some studies that we weren't able to do earlier that day, got lunch, and then waited at the church for a member to meet us. A couple weeks back, we got a referral from a member from Elkhorn who asked us to come teach one of her friends. Of course we would! Elkhorn is about a 20 mile drive for us, so it had to be planned perfectly because we can't waste any miles. We were able to set up a couple more appointments in the area, which we were so excited about. 

We were planning on meeting with another couple investigators! Well, what ended up happening... no one was home :( All of out appointments fell through! So we were practically stranded in a mainly English-speaking area with no one to visit. We prayed, got some dinner, and figured our lives out.

That's when I felt prompted to try some less-actives who lived closer to Papillion, which would be on our way home. BOTH were home and BOTH needed us. Well not "us" but they need Heavenly Father. We were able to share messages with both that very visibly opened up their hearts. We set up return appointments with both of them, and then headed home for bed. So simple, but so profound. The Lord guides His missionaries. Sure, we didn't get to teach any new investigators, but we were able to teach His children. I felt uplifted by the end of the night, and I knew it was because we had done what the Lord needed us to do.

Another crazy moment turned into a miracle.. we got a referral last week from some English sisters for a woman named Maria. She had just moved into our area, but they didn't have her new address, just the name of the apartment building and her number. We tried to number - nope. So we decided to just go on faith. When we showed up at the apartments, it ended up being like a COMMUNITY OF BUILDINGS hahah plus you needed a key to get into them! So, of course, we prayed fervently for a miracle, and then just started walking around, waiting for someone to open the door haha

Well, a family showed up, and we creepily followed them into their building. The odds of it being where Maria lived was super slim, but we just knocked a few doors anyway. Feeling discouraged but not completely hopeless, Hermana Miller suggested we tried the family we followed in, knowing that they spoke Spanish. So we did! And sure enough, they were interested. We set up a return appointment, got their number, and finished out night with a new investigator! We were able to finally get in contact with Maria, but it was such a cool little miracle. God prepares someone every day to receive the gospel, you just gotta be on your feet and working to find them :)

Everyone else is doing so great! Esmerelda and Jose were at church on Sunday and invited us over for dinner! WOO! And tonight we're having an FHE with Casandra! We have a really great week ahead of us, like always :)

I love you all so much!


Hermana Brie Gould

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