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Monday, November 30, 2015

Snow, snow, aannnnd more snow‏

So YES IT'S SNOWING! And it's so pretty everywhere! Ah! CHrisTmas!

Ok so this week was another really good one. So many miracles. Like for instance, Saturday night all of our plans got cancelled for Sunday after church, so we scrambled to come up with some new plans and prayed, asking God to help us fill our day. And guess what happened? Our day was completely filled! From the moment church started to the moment our heads hit our pillows, we were busy working. It was actually kind of crazy. We saw Flor, got a referral, met some members, had a meeting with our ward mission leader, ate dinner, got a new investigator, set up a family home evening with a couple families, visited Shana and Victor... so much goodness. It was amazing.

Sundays just seem to be the best ever lately.

The rest of the week was really great too! We went to the Mormon Trail Center with Flor and her little girl, where we saw all of the gingerbread houses, went on a tour, and watched a video focused on families. The spirit was so strong, Flor was just glowing. She was so happy. Flor is amazing, I love her! She wants her sons to start coming to mutual activities, and she asked us if she could come to a family home evening with us! Umm yes! She told us last night that she had felt the spirit, and that she felt really good about this church. She just needed the rest of her family on board. We feel soooo good about this - the Lord loves this family so much, He's watching out for them and slowly but surely softening their hearts.

Thanksgiving was a blast. We met up with Shana and made like 10 pies! So yummy! And then we ate with her and the elders and shared a little message about how the gospel has all blessed our lives. After that, we headed to the Torres families house for our SECOND dinner! If our ward had their way, we would've had like 7 dinners haha we got so many calls throughout the day - members just asking us if we were good :) We are sure loved! We love them right on back.

I've been thinking a lot about my mission so far and who I'm becoming and everything that I have learned. Never would I have imagined how much the Lord would bless me, my family, my friends, and my family here in Nebraska. I was overwhelmed this last week as I realized how much I had grown to love these people - purely and unconditionally. I want the absolute best for these people. And then it hit that this love wasn't a result of anything I had really done, it was Jesus Christ working through me. I have been humbled and chastened and purified these last 9 months - I still have 9 more to go! But it was an incredible feeling when I realized just how far I've come. 

Never again will I be the same.

So grateful.


Hermana Brie Gould

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