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Monday, June 13, 2016

El Milagro: La Tortilleria‏

So this week was SO SPECIAL.

Okay I'm only going to share one story.

I promise.

Benjamin&Maria - The elders gave us a referral for this young lady who works at a tortilla shop. They said she was pretty nice and probably interested. Works for us! So last Wednesday, we planned to go contact her. Well, little did we know, it would be the most awkward contact EVER. Like seriously. She wasn't really interested in talking, and yet we kept trying to talk to her. Neither of us wanted to end the conversation. So awkward, we just like made small talk for 2 seconds and then shared our message to a brick wall. She just would not have it! 

When I started to feel just way too awkward, a guy walked in carrying boxes. He came in and out a few times, and then he stopped at the cash register to deliver his paperwork. He then turned to us and asked, "Which church are you from?" A little taken back, we sputtered out, "Oh uh the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!" He thought for a second, and then got distracted by the worker.

We officially ended our awkward conversation with the girl and left. But we both felt prompted to wait outside for the guy with the boxes! We grabbed another tarjeta and just waited. When he came out, we started up a great conversation with him, after he got over the fact that I spoke Spanish.
Guys seriously, you should see everyone's face when I start speaking. I'll be like speaking Spanish, this super white American with blonde hair, and they ask me, "Wait do you actually speak Spanish?" ...YESSS! 


Turns out, he and his wife have been thinking about finding a church for their family to go to. He really loves his children and he wants them to be happy. He's earnestly seeking for the truth. It was amazing! We invited him to our cultural activity and church, and he said that he would come!




Last night we had our first real lesson with him about the Book of Mormon and the power of the priesthood. Oh, this family is so special. His precious little 7 year old daughter, Elois, has already stolen my heart. She drew me a picture during the lesson of a huge heart with both of us in the middle and written above it, "I love you very much."


I love being a missionary, dangit! Families are so special, and God promises us that we can have eternal happiness with them if we are faithful and follow the example of His Son. Such a special promise. 

I love my family - and I can't wait to have a family of my own someday.


Hermana Brie Gould

pictures: The Cultural Activity! The most successful event we've had YET! It was so amazing!
Saying goodbye to Yaretd... she's heading off to Mexico and when she gets back, I'll be home! I definitely cried and it was embarrassing. Oh well!

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