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Monday, September 14, 2015

Me encanta ser mormona‏

So I'm going to be completely honest, nothing really exciting happened this week. I was hit in the face by the Spirit, and I was reminded that I have less than a year left to hurry up and learn the language. So that was fun. (And very much needed, I know).

This week we were able to go to the temple AGAIN, and it was so good. As I was there, a sense of peace just completely overcame me, and I knew I was where I was supposed to be. I'm doing what God needs me to do. I've always struggled - especially more so on the mission - with balancing how to be humble with how to be confident. Through much prayer and study, I have come to this conclusion: Humility and confidence in the Lord go hand in hand. When you are humble enough to rely on him and realize that everything comes from him, then you gain confidence that you can do all things with the Lord. When you witness the hand of the Lord in your life, it gives you confidence. However, you have to be humble to be able to recognize the miracles that happen each day to receive that witness and confidence. As we were driving away from the temple, it really hit me how true that all is. I recognize fully that I am weak, but I'm not hopeless. I have come to better understand the role of my Savior in my life, and that has been a priceless journey.

We were able to visit with some really awesome members, like Hermana Bernal, the Montanez familia, and the Dallon familia. It's been really cool learning so much from all of these members, they have some of the coolest conversion stories. And helping some of them come back to church, to remember those amazing stories of conversion, has been really neat. There's nothing better than seeing the Spirit work on somebody's heart, it's special.

Transfers are in 2 weeks, and we're all kind of freaking out. Even the members! They all think I'm leaving, dangit. We'll see what the Lord has in store! There are 2 new Spanish sisters coming out, which is awesome! No new hermanas have come out since ME! So it'll be nice not to be the baby anymore :) 

Other than all of that, things are going well. We're still working with Esmerelda and Jose, getting them ready for baptism at the end of this month. Lots of work, lots of prayers, lots of faith. I can't even describe how exhausted we are every day, but it's good. Just means we're workin' hard :) Man I love this work. The gospel of Jesus Christ is incredible.

He visto tantas bendiciones en mi vida de viviendo el evangelio. Tengo mas confianza an mi mismo como una hijo de Dios. Yo se quien soy. Trato a ayudar todos los demas saber su potential tambien porque todos tenemos algo para ofrecer. Todos tenemos talents y somos hijos amados de Dios. Me encanta ser mormona.

Les quiero muchisimo!

Hermana Brie Gould

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