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Monday, September 21, 2015

The good life‏

So this week was equal parts crazy and amazing. We were running around, all over the place, watching the Lord work miracles right before our eyes. It was great.

We weren't too sure what was going to happen this week, but we did know one thing: get Esmerelda and Jose ready for baptism. They were our main focus. We ended up planning lessons with specific topics and members we wanted to come along! It was so good. The members came and bore their testimonies and strengthened and encouraged our investigators. Jose is all set and ready to go for baptism THIS weekend! Esmerelda, I'm sad to say, has decided she's not ready so it'll just be Jose getting baptized. But we are so hopeful for the future of this amazing family! We were able to take Jose along with us to stake conference, and it was incredible. The spirit was so strong. He was so attentive the whole time, and at one point, I saw him wiping tears from his eyes. During the last prayer, the brother speaking asked God to bless all of the missionaries and to keep them safe, and Jose grabbed my shoulder and whispered, "Gracias Hermana." In that moment, I swear time just stopped. He wiped a few more tears away, and I silently thanked my Heavenly Father for allowing me to be a part of this incredible human's life. It has been a joy teaching him, and watching him grow every day. It's amazing what God can do with a willing heart. Jose has been more than willing to change, to be better, and to be the best father and husband he can be. He has born his testimony to us several times - he knows it's only through our Savior Jesus Christ that he can be healed, sanctified, and purified. Ah, just so grateful.

This week we were also able to find 3 new investigators! We were out tracting one day, and we ran into a Myra. She told us about her love and faith in Jesus Christ, to which we just beamed. We taught her the 4-minute version of the Restoration and asked her if we would be able to come back. We will be seeing her this week! We also got a referral for a lady named Theresa, who works with her husband out on a horse ranch. We were able to drive out to the ranch, admire the horses from afar, and teach this amazingly strong woman the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As we talked, she shared with us her desires to help her young family be centered in God. I could just feel her love for her family as she lovingly rocked her little baby in her arms.

I just love people. All of 'em.

We were also able to reconnect with a lot of less active families! We will be visiting them this week as well. I love being a missionary - all we do is go around serving people and inviting them to come unto Christ. It's the best. It's the good life.

Transfers are next week! I feel at peace with whatever will happen. Who knows what the Lord has in store, but I sure have loved Omaha. I have learned a great deal about myself, about this life, about the gospel, and about my Savior and Heavenly Father. I wouldn't trade these last 7 months for anything.

I love you all so much! Make it a great week :)


Hermana Brie Gould

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