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Monday, December 21, 2015

Life is funny‏

Well y'all, the rumors are true. I got TRANSFERRED. Can you even believe it!? After 6 transfers in my baby area Omaha, I am now in Sioux City, Iowa! I'm here in a trio with Hermana Bacy (again! WOO!) and Hermana Castagnola! It's been craziness since I got here on Friday - all so good though. I am now serving in a branch, which is quite different from a ward, but I love it! All of the active members are so strong. It's pretty cool. We live in a nice little house, right in downtown Sioux. It's sweet! We're also the only sisters in the WHOLE zone. Woah.

Adjusting has been weird - I feel like a new missionary all over again. It was hard leaving a place where I knew everyone and everyone knew me to a place where it's the complete opposite! But it's so good because I already know I am going to learn so much. Being in a trio is really cool, we learn so much more from each other. So far, all is well!!!

So before I left Omaha, I had some pretty big goodbyes to say. It was hard! Especially saying goodbye to Esmerelda and Jose. Those two have changed me. As we were sitting in their living room, Esmerelda started to tear up as she said how much she would miss her "big blue-eyed, blonde sister." Haha! Both of us cried together - the Spirit confirmed to me that I was meant to meet her. We both changed each other. I will never forget the memories I had with her and her family - we will always be family!!!! :)

After several goodbyes and pictures and tears, we finished the night at the Urquidez home, where we had a family home evening all about the Savior. They had surprised us with a buffet of treats and even Christmas presents for each of us! I was reminded as we talked about the Savior and His birth that I am here serving a mission to help others remember Him. That's what this is all about! Not me, Him.

Hermana Miller and I kneeled in prayer one last time as a companionship and cried as I thanked our Heavenly Father for the precious time we've had together. 

Leaving my "home" was really hard. I had grown to love each and every human I had met. But I know that the Lord needs me in Sioux City right now! Saturday night at the branch Christmas party, the Spirit whispered something so sweet, so needed as the opening prayer was said. "The people might be different, but the language is the same - Spanish and the gospel." It was so obvious yet so perfectly profound. Don't you love how God works like that? :)

Overall, life is good. So good. And Christmas is in 4 days which makes it incredibly good.

Ah, life.



Hermana Brie Gould

ps new address is 419 Main St. Sioux City, Iowa 54103.... sooo... write me :)

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