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Monday, December 28, 2015

White Out

So today.. it's SNOWING. SO MUCH. AND IT'S SO COLD. On Sunday, it was 3 degrees. 3! Wow. But I'm loving it, I really am :) Just makes this whole experience an even cooler adventure!

What a great week. Getting to see my family was the best! Focusing on the Savior as we taught everyone we met was so cool. I am loving it here in Sioux City, I really am. I already have developed such a love for these people!

Just listen to this story.

Two weeks ago, the sisters were teaching this lady named Ruth. They were talking to her about her divine potential as a daughter of God, which led to a conversation about patriarchal blessings. Ruth told the sisters that she was scared about what her blessing might say. With love, the sisters told her that she would learn more about her relationship with her Father and some of the gifts that she was given. They invited her to come to church the next Sunday, fasting and praying. 

Well, now fast forward a bit. The first Saturday I was here, we went to a branch Christmas party, where I met Ruth. She was sitting alone, so I went and grabbed a seat and started talking to her. (funny side note: she spoke perfect English but I had no idea so I just kept talking to her in my rough Spanish hahah and then my companion came over and they both talked to each other in English! So funny). She was so kind, and I could sense that the Lord loved her very much. I could feel it! 

The next Sunday, we were in Relief Society, and I was able to sit next to Ruth again. The class started, but the teacher didn't show up. Another sister, completely unprepared, got up and taught the class on how we can focus our lives on the Savior. It somehow took a different turn... about patriarchal blessings. Ruth's jaw fell open, and so did all of ours. It was amazing - she got her answer. The lesson was all about how we can better know God's will and plan for each of us. By the end of the day, Ruth had decided that she needed to get that blessing.

All because of her faith! It was amazing! 

It's pretty cool how God answers our prayers. Sometimes it takes a long time - He teaches us patience. Other times, it just seems to come like that *snaps fingers.* However He decides to answer out prayer, we just need to continue to trust in Him. He really knows what He's doing. It's incredible.

I love you all! Keep being good!


Hermana Brie Gould

pictures: SNOW! And yes, I know I'm only wearing one sock. Also SKYPE WITH THESE FOOLS.

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