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Monday, December 14, 2015

Love of God‏

So this week was crazy, and I don't have time to write about all of it so I'm gonna tell you about Sarah :)

A couple weeks ago, we were at church and noticed Sarah, sitting with her boyfriend, Angel (a member). We realized that she had been coming to sacrament for quite a bit of time now - why we didn't talk to her sooner, I really don't know. We talked to her, set up an appointment, and planned a great lesson with her! Turns out, about a year ago, she was actually set for baptism. A few family complications made it so she wasn't able to. As we started talking to her, we realized that she is incredibly prepared and ready. Her testimony is already so strong. She is willing to do what she needs to to get an answer about this church and about the decision to be baptized. Yesterday, we felt that she was ready to be baptized... the 19th. In like 5 days. So we prayed fervently, came up with a plan, and just showed up at her house unannounced. As we started the lesson, the Spirit just took over. Hermana Miller and I were able to start a really good discussion by following the different promptings we were receiving to get Sarah to start thinking about what she wanted in life. She said that this is what she wanted. She knew that it was what she needed as well. It was amazing to feel and be apart of something that was clearly being led by the Spirit. We asked her all of the baptismal questions - which she completely answered perfectly - and we set her for the 19th. She told us that she would start praying specifically for that date, and we told her we would as well. We have another appointment with her today, one on Wednesday, and one on Friday! Haha! She just wants to learn all she can - she really wants to take this step as soon as possible. And it's going to happen, we all have so much faith :)

We also had the opportunity of visiting a couple of our ward members in the hospital this week. That place is incredibly humbling - especially seeing someone you love in a hospital bed, so helpless. It was cool to see how just talking about our Heavenly Father and His love really lifted everyone's spirit. We just shared our love, our testimonies, and some of our favorite scriptures, with a couple ward members by our side. I am also so impressed when the members open their mouths and share their love for the gospel. Their testimonies are so powerful! We sang a hymn and ended every visit with a prayer. Just a really cool experience.

I'm so sorry this email is so short! So many miracles are happening every day. I was able to go to the temple again this last week. I have just been reflecting a lot about the life that I've been living and who I am becoming. Being in the temple always helps to put things into perspective. This life is something incredible, it really is.

I love you all so much! Have an AWESSOMMEE week!

Also, just in case you didn't know, CHRISTMAS IS NEXT WEEK.

Ok bye.


Hermana Brie Gould

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