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Monday, February 22, 2016

Crying tears of joy‏

SO first of all, apparently my email last week didn't get sent??? I'm sorry! It was a really good one too... ;) I'm going to send it to my mom to post later!

Secondly, I just received this email:

Dear Brieanna:
Congratulations! You have been admitted to Brigham Young University to begin Fall 2016.

I AM GOING TO BYU PROVO!!!!!! For real!!!!

Haha wow what a great way to start off my week.


Such a crazy, busy week! And we have another one coming up! I looked at my planner already for this week and we have appointments every single day! We are working better with our members, getting more frequent lessons with our investigators, etc. Little by little we are improving and it's the best.

So one of the families that we have been teaching are doing so great - the only problem is that they will never offer the closing prayer. Kind of a simple thing to ask, but for some reason, they never want to offer the prayer. The reason we are so worried about them praying with us is so we KNOW that they are praying without us. The only way they are truly going to improve their relationship with God and learn for themselves about this church is through real, sincere prayer. So after a frustrating attempt to get them to pray, we left and planned a better lesson the next time.

This last week, we had 15 min left before we had to head home. We decided to go invite the family to church and remind them about reading the Book of Mormon. We both then felt prompted to share our lesson on prayer - just a brief, powerful lesson. So we did! But at the end of the lesson, when it was time to leave, they still refused to pray. So I plead with them - all four of them, the dad, the mom, the little kids. Anyone in that family! After an awkward silence and staring contest (lol), the little girl folded her arms and quietly came over to me to ask for help. I was shocked, and then whispered a simple prayer in her ear. It was perfect. The parents watched as their little 8 year old girl had enough courage to offer the first prayer in their family.

Such a simple yet perfect miracle.

My mission has been made up of simple yet perfect miracles. Every single day. We still don't have anyone set for baptism and we don't have anyone coming to church, but miracles are still happening. God is just preparing these people, and it's so excited to be apart of it and witness His power every single day.

I love you all.


Hermana Brie Gould

ps it was 50 degrees this week & I cried. Also we're planning our VERY FIRST training for Spanish conference! AHH! Pray for us!

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