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Monday, February 1, 2016

Guess WHAT‏

So I am currently sitting in a library in... OMAHA! OHhhhh YeeeeaaaH!! Haha it feels good to be back. I love this place. We are dropping off Sister Bacy at the mission office today! She'll be heading back to good ol' California! She's great. We'll sure miss her :) Her family is going to love having her home though!

Wow what a week. I am absolutely exhausted. I can't even begin to describe all that we did this week.  So I'm just gonna tell you about the coolest miracle ever.

So last Friday, Sister Castagnola and I were planning for our week. Missionaries plan for about 3 hours every Friday for the next week - it's great. I really do love planning. That's how things get done! So we've been trying to figure out how we can better work with the members here because our branch is seriously struggling. We decided that we wanted to try and do a set FHE (Family Home Evening) every month with 4 different families, where we would either bring an investigator or we would invite the family to bring someone. We planned out the 4 families, set goals for them, decided when we would contact them, etc. It was good! I was pumped! I love when we have really good plans.

Well with how the week was going, I wasn't sure if we could execute the plans like we wanted to. I admit, my faith was low. I figured we'd just hit the ground running the next week. But God knows when His plans need to be accomplished! 

One night we decided to go try visiting Monica, one of the members we had actually thought about asking to do the FHEs. So we were sitting with her, initially trying to get a referral from her, but as the conversation started going, I realized the scripture we had prepared and the questions we had just weren't right. It wouldn't address her needs the way God wanted. So I actually stopped my companions and said, "Can we share this scripture instead?" It was a scripture about the Atonement and our Savior from the Book of Mormon. As we shared our testimonies of the power of the Atonement, it was amazing what took place. 

Out of NOWHERE she asked us, "Hey, I was thinking, could we do an FHE at my house sometime? Like maybe once a week. And you guys can bring whoever you want! And we can make dessert or something!"

..I literally sat for like a good 20 seconds with my jaw flappin' open. And then, after we made plans with her, we mentioned one our investigators we were planning on visiting that week and Monica was like, "Can I come!?" WHAT YES OF COURSE PLEASE.

It was amazing. Planning is real. Setting goals is so important. God will make sure everything works out if you do your part.

I love you ALLLLLLL!!!!!!!

ps transfers are this week... tune in next Monday for some CRAAAZZZY NEWS ;) aaaand pictures. Because for some reason this computer wont let me upload them from my camera.


Hermana Brie Gould

PEACE OUT////the only picture that will upload.

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