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Monday, March 7, 2016

Eternal families & temples‏

Did you know that families can be together forever? Relationships that you cherish here can last after death. You can see the ones you love so deeply even after they have left this earth. Only through our the plan our loving Heavenly Father prepared for us from the foundation of the world can we truly experience all of the joy that He and our Savior Jesus Christ does. It's possible - with the power of the priesthood, all those things that were sealed on earth will be sealed in heaven.

Amazing, right?

This week we were focused all on families - it made me smile because I LOVE MY FAMILY SO MUCH. If anyone knows me, they know that I practically only ever rave about my family. Deal with it.

On Tuesday, I had the ABSOLUTE PLEASURE of finallllly experiencing what happens in MLC - Missionary Leadership Council. It happens once a month and all of the leadership in the mission gathers together to council with one another, with President Gardner at the head. It was amazing - my mind was actually blown. So much inspiration, so much guidance. It was awesome.

So the main theme of the training, and now what the whole mission is focusing on.... families. Eternal families. We were committed to go out and find families instead of individuals. So inspired. Mainly because the Hispanic culture puts so much emphasis on families so this new twist will touch the hearts of so many that we teach.

With all of that fresh in mind, we headed back to Sioux City from Omaha to get started on finding some families. We had plans to try and contact a church headquarters referral, Rebecca. When she wasn't home, we decided to work the area. We looked at the houses and prayerfully decided to knock two. The first one, no response. But the second... MIRACLE. The cutest little pregnant lady opened the door and let us right in after we told her what our message was. Her name was Fernanda! Cutest human. She's so quirky and lovable, ah I love her! She has a daughter who's 2 years old and will be having a son in June. We shared "Because He Lives" and set up a return appointment with her for the next day. Super solid. She told us all about her love for God and how she's been trying to find the truth for her children.

The next day, we came back with a member - Manuela. It was perfect. We taught the message of the Restoration, focusing on families and the sealing power. Manuela bore such powerful testimony and my companion shared the the First Vision of Joseph Smith so perfectly, the Spirit was definitely there. Fernanda was attentive the whole lesson, and she was loving it, especially the part about the Great Apostacy. She understood it and said that it made perfect sense. At the end, we asked her how she felt during the lesson. She sat for a little bit, thinking, and awkwardly laughed saying, "Pues.. no se.." We waited a little longer and then she said, "Amor. Amor hacia mi Padre Celestial y mi familia." Love. Love towards my Heavenly Father and my family.

Perfect answer. So so perfect. My heart was so full of love during that lesson.

So excited to see her progress with her family!

So many other amazing miracles this week but overall, I just want to share my testimony that I know that families are incredibly important. It's through our families that we are able to experience joy. I can't wait for mine - my husband, my children - and I can't wait to share everything that I am learning with them. God loves His children; He loves us.


Hermana Brie Gould

pictures: MLC and Esmerelda & Jose :)

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