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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Life in la CCM es muy bien‏

¡Hola mi familia y mis amigos! Thursdays are my favorites... I miss you all.

Pero (but)...

This week has been muy interesante! hahah. Every single day here is interesting! Its like the days go by really slow, but the weeks go by so fast. If that makes any sense. Technically this is my 3rd week! Ill be in Nebraska in less than a month!

So before I start my super great and inspiring email (ha), I have to tell you all about Mexico Missionary Mail! Theres a website were you can send packages, letters, and PICTURES (!!!) to me! It takes 3 to 4 days to get to me. A regular hand written letter takes a good 3 to 4 weeks... so... I would love mail! I miss your faces, send me pictures! Like honestly.

Ok onward with the email!

I LOVE MY DISTRICT. They make everything so much better. Our district leaders are Elder Crockett (from Washington, going to Arizona) and Elder Jensen (from Idaho, going to New Mexico). Our zone leaders are also in our district... these two are my favs. Elder Haddad (joined the church 19 months ago! Hes from southern California, going to Chile) and Elder Nielson (from Utah, going to Chile). I have laughed so hard because of those two. The other night, actually, the hermanas stole Elder Nielsons precious pocket frisbee and hid it. The only way he could get it back was if he sang every time he spoke for 5 minutes. Hahah I cried, it was so funny.

The hermanas in my district are lovely human beings. Mi companera es Hermana Hudson. She is from Idaho, going to Arkansas! She has a huuugggee family, and shes one of the youngest! She hasnt gone to college yet, but when she gets home, shes going to BYUI! The other hermanas are Hermana Erekson and Hermana Judy. Both are from Idaho, going to Arizona. Hermana Ereksons dad is actually a member of the seventy sooo pretty sweet. Both girls will be going to BYUI too!

Half of our zone just left... so sad. They are on to bigger and better things! AKA mission field! But the other district in our zone (there are typically 3 districts in a zone) are still here and they are grrrrreat. Actually get this, 4 of them are serving in... drumroll... FRESNO. YEAH! So look for Hermana White, Hermana Corbridge Elder Vanbleet, and Elder Collins. Ive been telling them Fresno is so fantastic and that they are going to love it haha so take good care of them!


Ill tell yall a little about life here in Mexico. I live in a house with 17 other girls. HAHA 17! Its all good though, no drama. We are honestly hardly even in our house, mainly we just sleep there. Ive had to get really good at going to sleep at EXACTLY 10:30 and waking up at EXACTLY 6:30. ive adjusted well... surprisingly. 

Meals are SO GOOD. Some days are better then others (they once served a club sandwhich for breakfast... I was highly confused..). But for some reason the cheerios here are BOMMMBB. Eat them every morning. The meat is a little iffy, but for the most part the food is good. They have every single fruit juice imaginable... like that dang pineapple juice I swear is from heaven. 

Also sidenote. IT IS POSSIBLE TO NOT GAIN WEIGHT IN THE MTC. Lol. Thats all.

Hmm what else? They have la tienda on campus, which is a store that carries just about anything you need. We get 120 pesos a week, and Ive spent a good amount on chocolate andstudy materials. The chocolate is freaking amazing, guys. They have these candy bars that are the equivalent to a Nutella Kit Kat. Maddy, my sweet sister, I think of you every time I eat one... which happens to be fairly frequently. That candy bar was made for you dangit!!!!!!

Theres also a huge gym with an exercise room, a track, a volleyball net, basketball nets, ping pong, and fuseball. Volleyball is my ultimate stress relief. I play every single day. I forgot how much I loved that sport! And my serves are getting stronger and better every day! Ping pong, though... very enjoyable.

And mom, there are birds everywhere! Those little green birds you were telling me about... yep, theyre here! They legit blend in the the grass, its awesome.

So a few nights ago, we had one of the biggest storms I have ever experienced. It was Tuesday night, after devotional. We were all as a zone in one of our classrooms and the wind started to really pick up. For those of you who dont know, I kind of have a fear of the wind. My anxiety really kicks in when a windstorm is near. So the wind really started to like attack the building we were in, it sounded like the windows were going to be blown in and the roof was going to fly right off. Actually the building next to us had its roof blown off omg. I was trying so hard to focus on something else, but I couldnt. Guys, it was so scary. And then the lightning and thunder came, THAT was crazy. It was so close, the thunder just completely shook the building. And then the hail started coming down and then a dang flashflood! It was crazy! My anxiety calmed down after the wind stopped, and we all just watched the crazy storm happening outside. There were rivers, actual rivers, forming on the sidewalks and in the streets. The power went out for a few seconds before the generator kicked in! Haha like guys, it was a legit storm. But going home was a huge struggle... an umbrella was useless so we ran in almost shin deep water all the way across campus and to our house. We were soaked by the time we got home! Man, it was quite the experience.

Soo I have another crazy story for you all. Sundays here are the best (well, actually P days are the best). Relief Society always lifts my spirits, and we have a huge movie night with EVERYONE. Todos los misionerios. But sacrament meetings... oh boy, those are scary. I mean I mean I mean, they are great! But the talks that are given are chosen DURING THE MEETING. Like after we take the sacrament, a member of the branch presidency announces who will be speaking. The previous Sunday we were given two topics to speak on, so we were asked to prepare two talks to bring, just in case. So nervewracking...

For this last Sunday, we were asked to prepare a talk on the fall of Adam and Eve and the Apostacy. During the week, I had only had time to prepare one talk, which was on the fall. The rest of our zone, though, told our district that were pretty much good considering there were other missionaries who had been there longer than we had and hadnt talked yet. So I was all calm, enjoying the spirit and such. And then... the branch presidents first counselor got up, announced the first speaker, and said, HERMANA GOULD. Seriously everyone whipped their heads around to look at me, and I sat there, completely in shock. And theennnn he said which topic each speaker had. And guess which one I got? Yep, the one I didnt prepare. I wish I couldve seen my face... it was proabably complete horror...

So I had less than 5 minutes to prepare a talk on the Apostacy IN SPANISH. When it was my turn to talk, I stumbled through a poor description of the Apostacy. I stopped talking, and I was suddenly overcome by an immense feeling. The tears fell like a flood, and I just bore my testimony in broken Spanish, trying my best not to crumble. Looking at my zone from the pulpit, I saw their smiles and looks of sympathy and a few thumbs up haha

My crying was due to a mix of frustration, nerves, and the spirit. I have such a strong testimony, and I had to trust that God would fill in the holes of my talk. After I sat down, it took me awhile to finally stop crying haha but it was all good. I got through.

The language is still a struggle. I feel like a child, learning how to talk all over again. Its by far one of the most humbling things. Im a lot better at actually understanding, but speaking the language is coming slower.

I need all of you to know something. I know with everything in my heart that this church is true. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, our Redeemer, our best friend, and our brother. I have felt God loves me more than ever before in my entire life in these last few weeks. I have been humbled time and time again by my Heavenly Father who wants the best for me, and He wants me to be better every day, just as I want to be better. I know that the Book of Mormon truly is a gift, a precious and incredible gift, from God. It is another testament of Jesus Christ. I know that prayer is a real thing... guys, prayer works.

I want all of you to pray. Right now. Tonight. Tomorrow. Just pray. I dont care if you pray all of the time or if you havent prayed in 20 years. Take the time to just close your eyes and open up your heart to God. I know with everything in me that He is listening. Go read the in the Bible Dictionary about Prayer. Go read Moroni chapter 10, verses 4 and 5. Go watch the devotional Elder Holland gave at the Provo MTC in Jan 2013. Like give God a chance to change your life. What harm could it do? Let Gods love be in your life, dangit.

I love you all so much! My heart is completely filled with gratitude for each and every one of you. I know that I am here for a reason... God has a plan for me bigger than I couldve ever imagined. Same for you too! 


Until next time... lol


Hermana Brie Gould

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