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Monday, May 30, 2016


I actually can't believe it's already Monday again AND it's already almost June. For all of you missionaries counting the weeks and the months and the transfers.... stooppppp. Because you'll get to a point when you realize that you only have 8 weeks left in the mission LIKE ME AND THEN YOU'LL FREAK OUT. But no, like I'm good, I'm accepting it. This mission has been the best decision I have ever made, and I know it won't stop when the tag comes off. There's more and more just waiting for me :) But honestly, stop counting the days. Just stop.

Ok HI EVERYONE! What an amazing week!!!! I don't know what's happening, but seriously ever day lately has been so incredible. We are both just exhausted today - our week was packed.

So let me tell you about some miracles.

1. Camila. Camila is Bertha's 9 year old daughter. She is the cutest little human I have ever met. We haven't been focusing too much on her only because we've been mainly teaching her mom, but I had this feeling that maybe we should turn our attention to Camila for a bit. She comes to church and the activities during the week, and she loves it! So we left her a children's BOM with some treats on her doorstep like a week and a half ago, and then this last Monday, as we were sitting down to teach Bertha, I asked Camila if she had gotten our gift! She said she had! And that she loved it. She pulled it out and showed me how much she had read. She read 26 chapters... 26 CHAPTERS. In a week!!! She said she had taken the book to school with her to read! Not only did she read so much, she remembered EVERYTHING. She told us about Lehi's vision, the conversion story of Alma the Younger, the baptisms of over 200 people in the waters of Mormon, the preaching of Abinidi and his encounter with King Noah... I was so blown away. I couldn't even hide my excitement. Later on in the week, we watched the Testaments with her, and I wish you could've seen her reactions! She just exclaimed, "This movie is so cool!" She bore such a powerful, simple testimony of her Savior... she said that she wants to be like him, that she wants to follow him, and that she wants to help her family follow him as well. ISN'T SHE SO COOL.

2. Jacqueline&Roberto. So this couple is my favorite. I talked about them in my last email, but they are both just progressing so amazingly. It's so cool. This week we were able to have a lesson with President Hemmingsen, the stake president. My goodness, it was so powerful. We had gone to a baptism on Saturday and as he was bearing his testimony, I felt strongly that he needed to come with us to visit Jackie and Roberto. He said that he would love to! The lesson was so good. Jackie still doesn't have a date for baptism, but she said that her goal is to be baptized and be sealed to her family in the temple. She said that although she still has a lot of questions, she has more faith now than ever before in her life. We have so much hope for them!!

3. Talking to everyone. So a huge focus in the mission has been talking to everyone, no matter who it is! We've made a huge effort lately to make sure we talked to everyone who was put into our path. We saw some incredible things! First, we were walking to our car after a lesson, and I saw a couple walking with their family to the park. I was about to go talk to the husband, when I felt I should cross the street and talk to the wife. Well as we start talking, she says, "You know, I was actually baptized into this church like 5 years ago. I haven't gone in forever. Now that i have a family, I think it's about time we go back." WHAT! Second, we went to go try a former investigator, but when she wasn't home, we tried her neighbor. This super nice lady, Fransisca, opened the door and started talking to us! She instantly told us she was verrry much Catholic, BUT she kept talking to us! Turns out, her son had been taught by missionaries about a year or so ago. She even knew where the Book of Mormon was in her house. We tstified of the Restoration and how the Book of Mormon answers the questions of our soul. That morning I had made a list of all of the different questions and answers found in the Book of Mormon. I took it out and gave it to her. She then said, "I'll read all of these! I'm actually really interested. You can come back too, whenever you have time..." WHAT! Third, we went to go try a potential, but turns out, they don't live there. BUT! We asked the boy who lived there for some referrals! He gave us one for a lady named Juana. We contacted her immediately. She was super friendly and instantly let us in. She too said that she was verrrry Testigos de Jehova, but I don't know... she didn't act like it. LOL! She told us that when she was younger, she remembered having the missionaries over to teach her family! WHAT! We taught her the Restoration and it was so powerful. She took the Book of Mormon and said that she would read it :)

SO many cool miracles, right?! Life is so good!

I love you all so much!!


Hermana Brie Gould

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